Monolith is above all a collective of truly amazing people. From the trainers, nutritionists, and physicians that make up our team of experts, to each and every one of our clients and supporters. All with the common goal to make themselves the best person they can be and support those around them that choose to do the same.


Monolith exists simply, to serve. However it was born out of necessity. In an era of trend setters and taste makers that go from your neighbor to your coach after a few Instagram posts, we saw a need for clarity in a very convoluted and potentially harmful space. A need to gather educated, degreed, certified, and experienced advisors to help people achieve their fitness and life goals. From blood work, to mental health, and the diet and exercise in between, we thought it was time for people to stop listening to social media models that dole out “workouts” and “meal plans” with no former education or certifications, putting their clients in potentially devastating danger with the very real possibility of permanent harm. We saw a need for a revolution.


Monolith is about quality and integrity. From the people associated with the brand to the products we offer, nothing is done without perfection in mind. Each consultant was chosen because of their accolades and their genuine concern for their clients. Each ambassador was hand selected and vetted to ensure that they not only embody the brand message, but do it with integrity. Every article of gear was tested, abused, and scrutinized to ensure that it either supports and enhances your performance or is so comfortable to wear that it becomes your second skin, your trusted go to. We simply hold ourselves, our people, and our products to a higher standard than most.


Monolith is for anyone looking to better themselves. Anyone looking for support and accountability. Anyone willing to go where they never thought possible and than take one more step. Most if all, it’s made for you. Everyone has different goals, different ways, means, and targets. Not everyone has the know how, the vision, or the support group needed to achieve their goals, and that’s where we come in. With our products, our people, and our “family”, you have all the pieces you need to set your goals, be held accountable, and surpass what you set out to achieve. So come on, what are you waiting for? Maybe it’s time to Think Massive.©

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