Ask The Expert: Fats and Carbohydrates

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Should you cycle your fats and carbohydrates? What do you mean cycle? Have you ever wondered when you should eat more fat?  We are not talking about the unhealthy fats in high sugar and processed products but the healthy fats found in Salmon, almonds and olive oil. When do you eat more of those fats and less carbohydrates? Is there a time you should eat more carbohydrates and less fat?  Did you think it would be this difficult to figure out just a portion of your healthy diet?

In the video below our Nutritionist Katerina Kountouris answers all the above questions about fats and carbohydrates and how you should properly use them in your diet.

Poverty Macros!

Carbohydrates for instant excess energy. So if you are working out on a regular basis you need those higher carbs but you also need the fat. What? So higher fat when not working out but lower carbohydrates and on and on. Do you even know how many fats and carbohydrates you take in everyday? If you don’t read below.

Now should you try and balance your weekly fat and carbohydrate intake yourself? You can of course but do you really know when to take in the right amount of both. That is why we provide Custom nutritional plans written specifically for YOU! We take the guess work out of your diet and give you everything you need to succeed with your nutritional health.

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