BuffBunny Rocking No.002 of our Think Massive Cropped Hoodies

BuffBunny Wears Monolith Fitness Gear [Cropped Hoodie]

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We just think it’s cool that such a huge fitness influencer like BuffBunny (aka Heidi Somers) digs Monolith Apparel!

Although our Rose Gold Think Massive Cropped Hoodie is no longer available, BuffBunny was able to snag No.002 of 150.

Heidi Somers (BuffBunny) Heads Out Sporting Her Think Massive Cropped Hoodie

Above is a shot of Heidi heading out wearing our hoodie which was featured on Christian Guzman’s Youtube Channel.

Which is when we knew we had to show BuffBunny rocking the gear. I mean… she even matched her sweatpants!

Buff Bunny Shows Off Her New Monolith Think Massive Rose Gold Cropped Hoodie

So we dug through her videos and found the one where she actually received her No. 002 of 150 exclusive cropped hoodie.

We just thought we’d share, cause we’re proud of our gear, and stoked that others like Heidi can appreciate and support us by sporting our stylish gym apparel!

It goes to show that with that Think Massive mentality, even someone that would be considered a “competitor” in the fitness and fashion space, seeing that BuffBunny is its own line, knows that abundance is all around, and super cool gear is just too good to pass up!

Our Gear Is Made For Your Lifestyle.

Although the Rose Gold is gone, (maybe you can hit up BuffBunny and she if she wants to sell hers… 😉) we have plenty more killer apparel to share with you.

We’ve brought all our testing and manufacturing in-house for small runs which means we can test designs at our retail outlets in Arizona to make sure our local family loves them before the rest of the world gets to scope out our new gear.

We know, it’s not fair… but we appreciate and support our local community and the athletes that live here, and take it as a blessing we’re able to get feedback on what we produce. If you want stuff first, move to AZ!

Check out our store to see what’s new, what’s in stock, and what’s out of your grasp.

We’re constantly coming out with new cuts, new designs, and new fabric options. Not to mention, we manufacture most of our gear right here in the USA.

It’s Nice To Have Friends.

We actually want to thank Alicia Coates for making the connection to Buff Bunny for us. Without her, we wouldn’t have been able to get the gear in Heidi’s hands.

The moment we started putting this all together, Alicia wanted to get one to Heidi cause she was proud of our collab and the quality of the product. Alicia and Heidi go back as some of the original OG’s of Live Fit and have since both gone on to become icons in the fitness industry. The Buffbunny line was a spinoff of Live Fit after she learned the biz over the years. 

We got giddy when a few of the Monolith family shared these videos with us… so we wanted to share alike!

Now we’re heading into fall and we are releasing a new crop (coming soon) and are restocking the oh-so-soft green version of our Think Massive Cropped Hoodie.

It’s A Small World Afterall.

Just wanted to put out a short post to not only share our admiration but also share with you, our Monolith family, the idea that this word is a lot more connected than you could even imagine.

So, be kind to others and Think Massive every day!

Let us know what kind of future gear you’d like to see from us in the comments down below!