Exercises for Tendinitis (Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow) [Video]

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If you have ever had tendinitis then you know how painful it can be to do the simplest of movements. Pick up a half gallon of milk and shooting pain, turn a door knob, shooting pain. The pain can be debilitating.

In the video below our Physical Therapy Consultant Chad Reilly PT, explains the four best exercises for strengthening the injured tendon.

I had tendinitis early this year and went over to Absolute PT here in Arizona to see Chad.  He put me through his examination protocol to determine the extent of the injury. Once he determined that I was suffering from tendinitis he wrote a therapy plan for me to work with. Side note to this diagnosis, I had both tennis and golfers elbow in my right arm.  Which means I had pain in both the upper and lower tendon simultaneously.  Not bragging, just giving you a perspective of the amount of pain I was in when I went to see him.

I tore the Extensor tendon (the tendon that gives you tennis elbow) seven years ago and had to have it surgically repaired.  I had to do hours of physical therapy to strength the tendon in order to use it at 100% again. Now here is where I hope to throw some education your way.

Before my surgery I had always been told rest was the best medicine for tendinitis. Rest for a couple of weeks and the inflammation will go down and you will be good to go again. But that is not the best medicine at all to help relieve you of your pain. In fact that could possibly set you back. Strengthening the tendons is what is needed to cure tendinitis. I did the exercises three to four times a week until the pain went away. It took a total of seven weeks to relieve the pain completely.

If you want more information on this subject, I highly recommend you go to this link and read the full blog article that accompanies this video. Also check out the amazing blogs Chad has written over the years on a number of physical therapy related topics.

This article is not meant to take the place of a doctors advice. If your doctor recommends that you rest your arm then by all means do so. When persistent elbow pain occurs seek advice from a medical doctor.

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