Results. Anywhere.

We’ve built a library of workouts like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
Total Body.
Total Instruction.
Total Results.

OnDemand isn’t “just for women” or “just for men”.
It was created for all fitness levels. 
From “Pro” to “Joe”, the workouts are variable. 
This means you can revisit an old workout, change the volume, time, or weight and create a different challenge!

Imagine supercharging your training.

Imagine learning about how and why your body does what it does while you train.

Imagine being able to reach your fitness goals faster by utilizing your entire body with each workout.

All of that, and much more, is possible.

Monolith OnDemand training with Emmett Bishop is the key. 

It's not your typical series of repetitive motions like most other workout options. It's also anything but boring. 

It's a full body, calorie incinerating machine.

Every workout includes Total Body Tension or T.B.T.

It works secondary muscles alongside the primary muscle groups to ensure your entire body is wrecked at the end of each session.

It's not about T.U.T. with Emmett, it's T.B.T. 

The key is "Multi-Energy System Training".

This style of training incorporates your entire body for faster, more engaged workouts that keep burning calories hours after you finish the workout

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We’re adding new workouts weekly. These are no regular workouts, they’re the full body calorie incinerating creations of our head trainer Emmett.

As we continue to grow the library we’re also going to add pilates and yoga too!

Sign up now and get early bird pricing for life which ends at the end of this month!

($14.99 a month for unlimited access to an ever growing library…that’s a 25% savings for life!)

We’re adding new workouts weekly!

Your monthly membership includes:

  • Access to the video training library, updated weekly
  • PDF workout booklets so you can get your gains anywhere
  • 10% off store items for the life of your membership!
  • Early access to new releases including gear and fitness packages

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