Gym Etiquette 101 How to Act in a Gym

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I hear this one a lot, “I’m afraid to get started on my goals, I’ve never been to the gym.” Or some other variation of that phrase. The gym can be an intimating place for a beginner, and often times humans have a fear of the unknown. I remember my first time playing volleyball I was afraid to even step on the court. But it took that first step to get to the point where I could even consider having college scouts recruit me. Moral of the story? We’re all newbies at some point. If your goals are XYZ, then you have to start at A to get there. You wouldn’t want to go to a doctor who hadn’t successfully completed college, let alone medical school, that doctor had to start in kindergarten. The following is a list of do’s and don’ts of the gym that I have compiled so you don’t stick out like a complete beginner, and hopefully feel more confident in getting your butt in the gym.gym-fail

1- DON’T wear jeans. Although they’re fashionable, they’re not practical or functional for gym movements. Invest in some Monolith gear, or head to your favorite store to purchase some comfy clothes for the gym.
2- DON’T dress like a hussy. I’m all for if you got it flaunt it, but if you’re looking to limit the attention you draw to yourself; make sure your butt is covered.
3- DO bring water. Stay hydrated, you’re working your body in new ways, those muscles need water to work.
4- DO ask questions if you don’t understand how to use certain machines or need help learning how to do a specific lift. Just make sure you know the people around may not know what they’re doing, or could be in the middle of a set. The worst thing someone can say is no, and hey guess what? You can move on.
5- DO hire a qualified coach (I’m partial to the coaches at Monolith for obvious reasons), but I know many qualified coaches are happy to take on inexperienced clients for the sole purpose of getting them acquainted with the gym.
6- DON’T sit on a bench for 15 minutes during peak hours to talk on your phone, check your phone, or pick your nose. Again, it’s just a courtesy thing.
7- DON’T curl in the squat rack, or take 5 hours to squat in it. Practice your form before you enter the squat rack, and dumbbells are for curling not the squat rack barbell.
8- DO bring a towel. It’s polite to wipe off your machines after use. Don’t be gross and spread germs.
9- DO re-rack your weights. Clean up after yourself.
10- DO be confident. Like I said earlier, we all have to start somewhere. Stick within your means, you don’t want to end up on Remember my philosophy is baby steps to success.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you did please leave me a comment. Now get your butt in the gym and start working towards your goals.  Also remember to Think Massive.