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How Pilates Instructor Karen Shepherd Uses Think Massive

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Think Massive.

What does it mean? Here at Monolith we think it means living a fulfilled life and helping others do the same. It should have different meanings to different people, because there is no wrong way to use it in your life. It is a personal belief that you use to push yourself to be a better person on a daily basis.
To get a better understanding of how people interpret the Think Massive slogan we are starting a video series with some of our Monolith family members. Here you will get an inside look at the daily lives of these people and how they use Think Massive to push themselves.

Meet school teacher, Pilates Instructor, amateur power lifter and all around great human being Karen Shepherd. In the video below Karen explains how she uses Think Massive to help herself and others live a more fulfilled life.

“Massive amounts of balance in order to take care of yourself and being able to do great big things for other people.” When we first created the Think Massive motto we wanted people to think of others and how you could affect the life of another person in a positive manner.  Karen lives that way everyday and we could not be prouder to have her as part of the Monolith family.

We hope this video gave you a little insight into what Think Massive means.  This Company isn’t just about fitness and nutrition.  Mental health is a big part of a persons overall wellness. We are trying to start a movement to help people believe that they have what it takes within them to live a better life. Once you start to believe in yourself it becomes easier to help others.

Thank you Karen for taking time out of your busy life to help us make this video.  We hope this video provided you with a better understanding of what Think Massive means. If you found this video helpful please leave a comment below we would love to hear what you think.

Remember to Think Massive.