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How We Define Monolithic Life

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We meet people all the time that ask us how we define Monolithic Life, or what does it take to live a Monolithic Life? 

We always answer the same way…

“What does it mean do you? It means something different for everyone!”

The Definition Of A Monolithic Life.

There really isn’t just one. It depends on what goals you set for yourself. What things you want out of life. What your idea of happiness really means.

It really depends on your values, your motivations, and your ambitions.

As a company and a family, we look at it like this:

A way of acting. A blueprint for life.

A way of living each day the biggest way you know how.
Taking what you thought was impossible or unachievable and making it a reality.

You can find that and the rest of the Think Massive Mantra on this page.

How Do You Define Monolithic Life?

wherever we go we find people who have been through major adversity and struggle only to come out the other side stronger than they were before.

Folks that spend a part of their lives helping others push through their issues and life problems. People that know that helping others and growing together is the one thing that can help all of us.

What does it mean to you? What goals are you hoping to achieve? What life milestones are you looking to reach? Who do you plan on lifting up to help both of you reach your dreams?

The key is helping those around you, in turn making yourself stronger and building your network on this planet. Each and every moment, you, the people around you, and your ability to effect the world grow stronger.

Some Simple Steps To Living A Monolithic Life.

Sometimes people don’t know where to start so we thought we might offer a few suggestions on framing YOUR Monolithic Life!

  • Define Clear Goals
    You can get where you’re not going. Set what you want to accomplish in life and then reverse engineer how you can get there.
  • Let Nothing Stand In Your Way
    There are times in life where as you begin to raise your vibrations and self, those that you used to spend time with may become defensive, jealous, and even hostile towards your goals. You have to be able to cut this negativity off. If it doesn’t serve your goals, it doesn’t belong.
  • Rise By Lifting Others
    There is something truly amazing about life when you spend time helping others for the sake of helping. As you lift them, they lift themselves and help lift you in return. Be that through connections, favors, or emotions, life has a way of repaying those who help selflessly.
  • Put In Work
    A Monolithic Life is not achieved when you show up at 9 and call it a day at 5… It’s achieved when you burn the midnight oil. Where you fall asleep at your keyboard. Where you get told “no” 100 times and still keep asking the next person. It’s achieved when you do what is necessary to get what you want. When you put yourself through the struggle, discomfort, and pain of working till you collapse. There is where you’ll find it.

The Key To A Monolithic Life.

It all comes back to the Think Massive Mantra. A reminder of the way to live your life. A way of thinking that challenges you to think bigger than you ever thought possible. A way to help you understand that you are selling yourself short most of the time.

You Deserve anything you want, but you have to work for it. That’s where most fall short.

Growth comes from pushing through the pain. On the other side, you come out, stronger, smarter, and overall better than what you were when you went in.

So how do you plan on living a Monolithic Life? How do YOU define Monolithic Life?