Macro Diet Grocery Shopping

Macro Diet Grocery Shopping Made Fun [With Nutritionist Katerina Kountouris]

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Have your heard the old adage “Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach”?

Well, in our case it was “never go grocery shopping with a hangry nutritionist”. Last month our nutritionist Katerina Kountouris was in town for a photo and video shoot, and right when she arrived we decided it might be helpful to record her grocery haul for her macro diet needs.

What happened next not only got a lot of interesting looks from patrons but almost got us booted from the store. It was a risk we were willing to take to ensure you got an idea of Katerina’s macro diet plan and how she’s able to stay on track with her macros even while traveling.


Some key takeaways from Katerina’s macro diet list.

  1. Stick to whole foods.

    (Not the store.) No matter if your shopping for your macro plan or not, the more natural foods you can fit in your diet the better off your body will be. Do you know what’s in a strawberry? Strawberry. (Natural sugars and fiber actually) Do you know what’s in your name brand “healthy” yogurt? Preservatives and words with 18 syllables and processed sugars. Start paying attention to ingredient lists on the products you buy. Katerina subscribes to a 15% rule. Only about 15% of her diet is the “fake” stuff, everything else she chooses to consume is of natural origin. We think it’s a pretty good rule of thumb.

  2. Variety is the spice of life.

    …especially when it comes to your diet. Eating the same exact thing day in and day out is great if you’re prepping for a fitness competition, but it gets BORING.  The beauty of a macro diet plan is that you are able to experiment with different foods and flavors as long as they are within your plan. Diet fatigue is a real thing, and it occurs very quickly. The more variety you can introduce into your macro plan, the more willing you will be to stick with it.

  3. Avoid getting triggered.

    Get rid of those foods that set you off. Cookies, chips, ice cream, Oreo’s, Skittles, those delicious mints they leave on your pillows at fancy hotels… whatever it may be! The kind of foods that you will eat an entire bag or container of in one sitting, and then eat your hand cause it still has the dust or flavor on it. Remove them from your house. If you remove the temptations completely, it makes it even easy to stick to your macro diet.

What you should take away from this adventure.

Some people can get overwhelmed easily once they venture away from their home. Life somehow appears to make it more difficult to stay on track with your diet, but if you’re following a macro diet nutrition plan it’s really rather simple. Natural foods, plenty of veggies, and stay out of that chip isle! Set yourself up for success no matter where you are!

Don’t do it alone!

As we, and many others agree, diet is 80% of the battle when it comes to getting and staying in shape! If you’d like some help getting to the next level by getting your personalized macro diet plan, Katerina would love to help!

How do you stay on track? Do you even feel overwhelmed when you’re going on a trip or vacation? Let us know if this helped give you some ideas on how to stay on track with your macro diet. Or, if you have tips of your own, we would love to hear about them. Drop a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going! Think Massive.®