Macros, What are they and why do I need them [video]

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Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats are macronutrients or macros for short.  They are the building blocks to a perfect body if you know how and when to consume them.

Below is a video on why our Nutritionist Katerina uses macros to build her clients meal plans.

So now you know what makes up the calories in your diet. Macros, the essential and non essential nutrients that are found in everything you eat. The key is how do you combine these nutrients in such a way that they benefit you and your body.

Protein intake for a healthy male or female is 1 gram per pound of body weight. So a healthy male weighing 180 pounds should consume around 180 grams of protein each day. That amount will help your body with building muscle and repairing tissue.

The next essential macro was fat and believe it or not their are healthy fats.  Actually your body needs these fats and they should not be avoided, because again they are essential.  Omega 3 fatty acids should be a familiar term. Best way to get these fatty acids is to eat Salmon, so a fatty fish equals healthy human.

Last but not least we have the carb. The most controversial macro known to man.  How much should I eat and what kind should I eat. Don’t eat white bread but do eat brown rice, that might just drive a human insane.  But wait there are complex carbs and simple carbs and fast and slow and the list goes on and on.  What to do?

Work with our Nutritionist Katerina that is what you need to do. She will do the heavy lifting and create the best combination of macros for your body type and activity level. Then you can stop reading blogs about carbs and actually eat a few (of the right ones).

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