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In a world of same old, same old… Our company asks “why?”

The simplest way to answer that, one word, obsession. Creating elite athletic gear takes a strange and unhealthy obsession with perfection.

Our unhealthy obsession with creating amazing fitness apparel

The Monolith Apparel brand started with an idea to spread the Think Massive mantra and mentality to as many people as possible. What better way to do that than through workout t-shirts with sayings, aka walking billboards?

We then, because of our first manufacturing partnership, had the chance to offer athletic women’s clothing, particularly leggings, as well as gym gear for men in our initial offering as well.

Not really knowing any better, we thought we’d throw them on in.

Jadyn Walden Wearing Our Original Monolith Athletic Wear

There’s one little problem with the “throw it on in” mentality when it comes to Kurt and Myself.

We’re both perfectionists.

(This has cost us just as much as it’s created… but that’s a story for another time.)

Our first iterations of workout clothes, that we never sold, were actually cotton based and, although very comfortable, were useless for athletic pursuits.

That started the birth, and race, towards a high-end athletic brand. We decided that from that first run of cheap workout leggings, we wouldn’t put out a product that wasn’t hands down the best fitness gym wear on the market.

There are plenty of athletic apparel brands out there, and they all have 10’s if not 100’s of options when it comes to leggings or tops, which is great. But, when you focus your brand on amazing gear, you opt for quality over quantity.

Our original OG compression leggings are traded at 3 times their original cost on eBay if you can find them…

Monolith OG Leggings Red

Our sublimated leggings went through 13 fabric iterations until we were satisfied with the graphics quality, the fabric softness, and the actual usability of workout leggings with designs.

Katerina In The Monolith Unicorn Leggings

What does it mean to create elite athletic gear? It means that we lose sleep worrying about how satisfied our customers are with their purchase.

It’s not a money grab for us, it’s a need to make a meaningful mark on this planet, both in the message we share, and the products we create.

How does the fitness gear we produce differ from anything US or otherwise?

Let’s start with the intangible.

We spent over six months developing our first pair of OG leggings. Once we finally nailed down a supplier and trusted their quality and agreed on the fabric and threads, things finally seemed to fall in line.

About six months after we started producing our compression leggings, our supplier got bought by a much larger international company… for 6 SKU’s!

As a reference, A SKU in clothing manufacturing refers to a single style or design.

It can be determined by the pattern, the specific fabric makeup or many other factors depending on the manufacturer. Our partner was pretty famous for 6 t-shirt SKU’s and was purchased for those, however, the rest of the SKU’s which included our leggings and sports bras were purchased in that deal.

Hailey Rae Wearing OG Monolith Leggings and Sports Bra

We later found out, that they would not be continuing the production of those SKU’s.

At that point, we were left without a pattern, without a fabric supplier, we were left with nothing. Only what we had in stock, a tenacity to make things work and a shared belief that what we were producing was a superior product.

We spent the better part of a year (between 2017-2018) building up all the pieces from scratch.

Finding the fabric.

Going to school to learn pattern making.

Creating the pattern from one of the few pairs of OG Monolith Leggings we had left.

And decided to make our leggings in the states. (We’ll return to that later on…)

Why are our leggings and fitness gear so beloved?

Quality and comfort.

It’s really that simple.

We’ve covered why some particular pieces like our Lustre Leggings are so amazing.

High Waisted Lustre Leggings

And in the future we’ll go over the updates we made to the V2 leggings we’ve been working on, but the one thing that we think really sets our athletic apparel apart is a passion for the product.

There are plenty of brands to choose from these days and many of them make a fantastic product.

However, there are TONS of brands out there today that source the EXACT SAME PRODUCT from the SAME OVERSEAS MANUFACTURERS and simply slap their logo on it.

We get it…

It the cheapest and easiest way to get a product to market. But if you look at the quality, easy rarely means good.

We’re not trying to call other brands out, well kinda, but not really. We’re simply trying to say that we take pride in our product.

We’ve moved all our production of our leggings stateside.

It’s awesome!

But it comes at a price.

However, we charge a reasonable price for our handmade product that’s made right here in the US of A… and that affords our team a livable wage.

The same can’t be said for the majority of fitness gear providers out there.

Our Dedication To Product Quality

Made In The U.S.A.

Monolith is trying to bring ALL it’s products stateside. Sourcing and sewing all we can in our own backyard.

We’re currently about 85-90% USA made product and proud of it.

We test EVERY piece before it ever sees the light of day on our website storefront or our retail partners’ shelves.

Ensuring that you, our customer, receives a quality piece that is ridiculously comfortable to wear.

What’s Next For Monolith Apparel And It’s High-Quality Fitness Gear?

That’s an interesting question…

We can tell you this much.

We’re releasing our fall gear soon. (It’s already in some retail outlets like Firebird Nutrition in Scottsdale)

And we’re finalizing our V2 Compression Leggings soon as well.

Monolith V2 Compression Leggings US made Eggplant Side Full

We hope that we can spread our Matra of Think Massive to as many people as possible and…

help us grow our pack

…in the meantime and we only ask one thing…

You believe that if you Think Massive every day, that you can live a life larger than you could ever imagine.

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