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Monolith Clothing November 2018 Giveaway!

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We’re Doing A Giveaway Because We Appreciate You And Want To Show Our Thanks!

From time to time, since we print our own gear, we change designs a bit before they get final approval and production. 

We do it because, 1. we’re perfectionists, and 2. we want the most eye-catching pieces representing our brand!

That means we test print designs to see how they look on our apparel pieces in real life, not just on our computer screen. (There’s something much more pleasing about actually touching the fabric…)

This is a benefit for you! We don’t want to destroy perfectly fine clothing articles that were hand sewn by one of our amazing manufacturers right here in the USA, and we can’t sell it to the public because it’s not the production run design… so we give it away!

Our dedication to building a brand that stands for something often times leads us down different roads. We try to get things right from the beginning, but if you’ve ever been in the apparel business, you know that doesn’t happen every time. Such as in life… often times, plans change!

But, we Think Massive every day, and that means reaching and striving past the point of comfortable… even if it could possibly result in pain, embarrassment, or failure (which doesn’t really exist, since it’s just a step in the learning process). 

Anyway, when we feel like we need an update, we want to make sure our quality product is perfect. So, when it comes down to something as small as the font on a design, we like to call it a “limited whoopsy” and you can consider it a one-off piece (however, there are 3 of these in this case). 

Either way, our November Gear Giveaway is unique, still top quality, and proof that you don’t have to get life right everytime, and that people will still enjoy what you consider a “mistake”.

Push Through. Create. Celebrate. 

So, take a lesson from us, don’t shy away from failure, rejoice in the lessons you’ll learn!

Check out the November giveaway piece, just for the ladies!

If you want to grab the production piece, check the store!