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Proper Squat Form Utilizing A Resistance Band

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How to Squat Properly

The squat is one of the most useful compound movements for building muscle. Unfortunately, most people do this exercise incorrectly. Bad squat form leads to back or knee injuries.
In the video below Emmett, our Monolith Ground Zero trainer will show Haley how to do a proper squat. A large number of women let their knees move inward as they squat down. The pressure put on the knee ligaments leads to injury. This happens because of a combination of wider hips and weak inner and outer thigh muscles. Emmett will show you how to correct this mistake with the use of a resistance band.

Keys to proper squat

In the video above Emmett had Haley show you how to perform a proper squat. It did not matter where the weight was positioned on the body the form stayed the same. The following are the keys to proper squat form that Emmett laid out in the video:
  • Set your back before you take the bar off the rack.
  • Feet should be shoulder width apart with the toes pointed slightly outward. You don’t have to have your feet pointing straight ahead. Most people are not flexible enough to clear their hips without having their feet pointed outward.
  • Do not tuck your tail! Once you get to parallel or slightly past, do not let the butt tuck under.
  • Make sure your knees track over your feet. Your knees should stay in the same line as your feet. Make sure your knees do not go over your toes.
  • Do not arch your back, keep your chest up as you go down to the ground.
  • Flex your butt at the top of the movement to engage your muscles fully.
  • And last pick an appropriate weight to use, no need to go crazy and hurt yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this video and got a little knowledge about proper squat form at the same time.  If you are interested in working with Emmett click here to the first free workout in our online library.  You can workout with Emmett and his clients in your home or gym.

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