Monolith and The Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo

The Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo 2018 At The Phoenix Convention Center

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Monolith Apparel is a local Arizona brand, so when we were extended an invitation to attend the 2018 Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center downtown, we had to go!

We love meeting new people in town and catching up with old friends from the past.

The Setup For The Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo 2018.

Kurt and Adam were able to set up the massive booth the day before and get a feel for the layout and flow of the event. It turned out to be a pretty simple process. Some of the expos the Monolith team have traveled to proved to be a much larger undertaking because of housing and coordinating everyone. This time, it was the local Arizona family and things went off without a hitch.

Kind off… we did end up wheeling all our gear and the booth into the wrong convention center building during a GIANT jewelry trade show… unfortunately we weren’t on the list and decided to roll out. Kurt did get a stunning broach though. (Kidding.)

The Big Day.

This year’s Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo took place in in the same building as the Arizona Bridal Show. We’ve been to Europa in the past and although we had set up in the Phoenix Convention Center before, we weren’t familiar with this building. A giant open space is a giant open space I guess…

It was a one-day event but was filled with calisthenics, powerlifting, Crossfit and other events along with names like Bradley Martyn and Brooke Ence! Although its numbers were humble compared to the fitness expos in Los Angeles and the like, for its first year it showed a lot of promise and we look forward to watching it grow! We always love supporting local events and entrepreneurs, and as a bonus, we get to meet fans and followers in person!

We got to meet so many interesting people. Exhibitors and patrons alike! Heard so many stories of people overcoming adversity and truly living that Think Massive Mantra every day. Not to mention, handed out tons of stickers to kids who happened by with their parents.

We put together just a minute of footage we collected from the event below.

Final Thoughts.

We had a blast.

Although the show was only a day and its numbers weren’t mindblowing, we still enjoyed every minute we were able to spend at the Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo. We really do look forward to seeing it grow over the coming years and eventually move into the great hall of the Phoenix Convention Center.

The Monolith brand is all about making connections with people to then help each other achieve their goals and all of the amazing folks, vendors and visitors were positive and living that Think Massive Mantra.

We wanted to thank everyone at the Expo for making things run so smoothly! AND… to all that came to visit us, grabbed some gear, or gave us a Hi5, thank you. Without you, our brand can’t grow. Without you, Think Massive is just that, a thought.