The powers of positive thinking

The Unusual Powers Of Positive Thinking.

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We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking… But we all live a life that can be trying, tempting, and sometimes tragic. Positive thought is not always your default setting.

Positive thinking is hard. 
Today we’ll review a few anecdotes that might help you look at life, and your positivity “training”, more seriously.

Positive thinking and mental mind mapping.

Mind mapping 
In his book “Smarter Faster Better”, Charles Duhigg discusses how in a world that’s so very automated, we’re getting worse at managing things.
Automation makes life easier by taking the thinking away from us. When we are then thrust back into control often we get cognitive tunnel vision. This leads to mistakes, and in some cases, grave consequences.
Duhigg discusses mental mind mapping and it’s magical ability. Creating scenarios in your mind of the way things should be. We here at Monolith like to add “positive” spin to that. Hence the Think Massive Mantra.
So many of us tell ourselves negative stories of what might happen. If you are going to tell yourself a story, might as well make it a positive one!
By laying out mental mind maps and preparing yourself for anything, from meetings to workouts, you pre-tax your mind to deal with any unforeseen issues that may arise.
Having the mental map laid out gives you options and flexibility. That only comes with preparation. This combats your default “deer in headlights” reactions.
Positive mental mapping keeps you problem-solving and mentally moving forward.

Short-term stress is good for you.

Struggle spawns growth 
A team of researchers at The University of Kentucky pulled data from 300 studies spanning the past 30 years.
They found an interesting correlation between stress and health.
Stress, in small doses, can lead to higher adrenaline levels. This boosts your immune system which helps you deal with the situation.
This can have a positive effect on your body.
Prolonged stress, on the other hand, leads to sickness, anxiety, and depression.
We like to compare this to HIIT vs long cardio sessions. HITT forces you to push past boundaries you thought were set in stone. It raises cardiovascular efficiency, fat burning, and muscle response.
Long form cardio tends to eat away at muscle and empty your Netflix cue. …just saying.
The challenge of HIIT also forces you to keep a positive mental outlook. You feel as though you’re not going to make it, so you continue to tell yourself you can.
You take less time, get better results. Increasing your oxygen intake, and your endorphin level. All leading to better, and more positive thinking.

Living a positive life on your terms.

Life on your terms. 
Another interesting piece of the positive thinking puzzle comes in the twilight years.
A section outlined in “Smarter Faster Better”, Duhigg discusses how residents of elderly living facilities that buck the system tend to outlive their neighbors.
It’s been said that a life without purpose is a life not worth living. And we know that people that “have something to live for” tend to live longer, fuller lives.
In the book, Duhigg discusses how patients that “build” their own meals by trading with others and find a way to rearrange their rooms, though the furniture is bolted down, tend to stick around longer.
This rebellion reminds them that their lives are theirs, and not yet over, keeping them young and spry. The ones that share that youthful outlook seem to never lose sight of possibility, no matter their circumstances.

Defeat your negative thinking.

When life gets you down. 
The Think Massive Mantra isn’t just a saying. It’s a way for us and our community, to remind ourselves and each other that there is more. At Monolith we take great pride in our people and our apparel.
We take great pride in knowing that we not only strive to make exceptional fitness gear but exceptional people.
We all live and love the Think Massive Mantra on a daily basis. It’s a way of calling each other out when we allow negativity in.
We all face hardships. We all feel challenges that seem overwhelming from time to time, but life keeps moving and so should you.

The Powers Of Positive Thinking And Positivity pointers.

Personal growth. 
Be grateful. Everyday.
Find at least 3 reasons every day that you can be grateful. It will change your outlook on life.
Smile. There is a physical and mental connection when you smile. It makes it more difficult to have negative thoughts.
Do whatever it is you do, to the best of your ability. It speaks volumes about you to others, but more importantly, it gives you a feeling of pride.
Understand that not every day or every minute is meant to be positive. But, bad moments allow you to appreciate the good ones more.
Be kind to yourself. You’re the only you, you have.