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We Love The Arizona Fitness Community

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To be clear, it’s not only the Arizona Fitness Community but the Wellness Community in Arizona as a whole.

Being that the founders of Monolith (myself and Kurt) live in Arizona, it’s no shock that we spend most of our time here or that the home base of Monolith Apparel resides in AZ.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve traveled all over the Southwest and have spent many a Fit Expo in California.

In fact, I find myself spending about a week a month in California these days, but that’s for another blog.

Being Part Of A Local Fitness Community

Over the past few years, we’ve had not only the pleasure but the honor of being part of some amazing events here in AZ.

From small group fitness outings like hiking The McDowell Mountain Regional Park to Pilates classes with one of our amazing ambassadors, and a heck of a Pilates Instructor, Karen Shepherd. (Click the image below to see a quick timelapse.)

Pilates With Coach Karen Shepherd


Once, we walked (and took a picture in a giant colon) to support friends as part of an inspirational cause called the “Take Steps” walk for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Our team was named the “Storm Poopers”, which is a Star Wars Reference… get it… like Storm Troopers but in regards to the digestive tract?!?!

All the way up to fitness events that our team has raised money for, or donated to, like the “Stride For Sight” walk presented by The Foundation For Blind Children, or the annual Global Rescue Project dodgeball events. (Which we’ve spectacularly lost two times now.)

We also attended the first ever Culture Fitness & Fashion Expo here in Arizona which showcased local companies, gyms, and athletes from all over the valley! It was a great time putting faces to Instagram profiles and meeting friends in person!

All of these mean more to us than just sponsoring a WOD at a local box because, from park rescue to people rescue, there was a deeper impact to all of them.

Why Being Part Of The Local Community Matters

The simplest way to answer that… because it’s OUR community.

Everything that we do in Arizona focuses one of three things. Helping the land, helping others in our community, or helping yourself …and not just to the second helping of dessert, but helping you forge a stronger, happier, healthier you!

Yes, we have a worldwide reach, but it all starts in our own backyard. Forging relationships with amazing people in the local fitness community that is doing humbling work always puts a smile on our face!

It’s Not Just About Arizona or Fitness

Part of the reason our Ambassadors are with us is that each and every one of them believes and exemplifies our company values.

To be of service. To be supportive. To be kind to yourself and others, and to help yourself by helping those around you.

It takes a special person to not only be an Ambassador of ours, but also a patron.

We can honestly say what we have the most amazing fans (aka family) in the industry.

Although it may be small in comparison to some of the other brands out there, the Monolith Family filled with people that live the Think Massive mantra every day. People that understand that connection is one of the most important things in life, and by sharing what drives you, it can motivate others.

An Open Call To Join Our Community

At Monolith, we set out to build a movement. Something that, no matter where you are, be it Arizona or Argentina, if you spot a piece of our gear, you know that you’re about to meet good peeps.

(One of our favorite stories is of two people that connected in Disneyland because of a Think Massive T-shirt… they sent us the photo of them together and it was awe inspiring!)

We want you, if you’re up for being a pillar in your community, to join ours. We support all who work to better themselves and others.  

We look forward to seeing you in our desert exercise community, be it the Arizona one, or our much broader worldwide community, your spot is being saved.

We’ll leave you with this:

What one thing are you going to do today that changes the path of someone else’s life for the better? It could be as simple as holding a door, or making a phone call to let someone know they are appreciated… that’s the community we want to be a part of.

In short, how will you Think Massive?