Why Monolith- Certified Personal Trainers is Why [Video]

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If you are just getting starting or have been working out for years it helps to have a certified personal trainer to guide you.  Things like form and alignment are more important than most people think when it comes to exercising.  It is the difference between seeing the results you were aiming for when you started, or injury that sets you back weeks or even months.

Below is a short video with our Co-Founder and Head Personal Trainer Holly. They explain what we do and why you should use our company to help you with your fitness goals.

Image his surprise when he found out he had been doing squats the wrong way for thirty years. If only he would have had a proper assessment by a certified personal trainer. He could have corrected this years ago and received the full benefits of this exercise.

We do a full assessment on every client before our certified personal trainer begins writing the fitness plan.  They want to know what you can and can’t do.  That way they can work around any injuries and help strength any weaknesses you have.

This is a no brainer. Train with one of our certified personal trainers today. Image how great it will feel when you reach your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner. We really do care about each and every person that works with us. You become family when you join up with Monolith and we take care of our family.

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