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The Difficulties Of Starting A Lifestyle Brand That Focuses On Fitness Apparel

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The industry that Monolith is in, a lifestyle brand, is crowded. There is no denying that.

The idea started simply, put an uplifting motto to help guide and motivate people on some T-shirts and see where things go!? (We didn’t even really know what a lifestyle brand was at the time…)

Unfortunately, Kurt and I (Adam) are both perfectionists, to a fault at times, and we couldn’t just stop there.

We became obsessed with creating a lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire and guide people into living a life that is larger than they could ever imagine!

Paying attention to the opinions of a group…

Monolith Lifestyle Fitness Apparel

We looked at other successful lifestyle brands in the market, especially ones that were producing fitness apparel, and we saw a host of products and services (some offered training or programs) that were all very similar.

There seemed to be a lack of care for quality.

Since the rise of the internet, anyone could find a supplier overseas and buy products contributing to the downfall of manufacturing a lifestyle brand in America.

Ironically most fitness apparel brand strategies include buying from the same handful of overseas producers.

We were heartbroken to know that the consumer way of life we’ve become accustomed too was cheapening the thought, quality, and care that went into producing an exceptional product.

We’re not just talking about big brands like Nike, Under Armor, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Puma or even true lifestyle brands like Red Bull and Harley Davidson… they all seem to manufacture a majority of their products overseas.

It’s even more rampant among the smaller brands out there today.

If you look through social media you’ll see that a lot of small lifestyle brands have the exact same cuts and colors with a different logo thrown on.

Traditional marketing would have you believe that all these brands are unique, (realistically, we know there is only so much that you can do with fabric and thread) but nothing is further from the truth.

Looking for inspiration when it came to a fitness apparel lifestyle brand…

Comfortable Fitness Gear

I was once looking around the “market” at what was going on as far as styles, cuts, colors and other trends in athletic apparel and was shocked to see at least 5 brands selling the EXACT same “mesh highlighted” leggings with their own logos on them.

Not to mention, after a quick search, I found the exact same pair on Amazon without a lifestyle brand name on it, for pennies on the dollar.

That’s when I knew we had to make our athletic apparel different.

We became people with a goal.

Monolith Mens Lifestyle

We decided that if we were going to inspire, guide and motivate people to Think Massive and live a life on a higher level, we had to create a group or a culture, that understands what it means to do things differently than the pack.

We wanted to build a lifestyle brand that could embody the interests of all Americans. Not just the gym rats either.

We wanted to inspire anyone that needed a daily reminder that they are amazing.

A daily reminder that they matter.

A daily reminder that they can change the world, and not just their own…

So what’s it all mean?


Monolith Apparel Model

Monolith Apparel has truly been trying to live that Think Massive mantra while building our lifestyle brand.

We source and or produce approximately 90-95% of our material and product for our lifestyle brand from right here in the USA.

In some cases, right here in Arizona!

We wanted to create apparel, and in particular, fitness apparel that stands for quality, and community.

We wanted to build a lifestyle brand that encompasses not just lifting weights, but lifting those around you.

When you help others, you end up helping yourself.

Going against what we all believe deep down inside, you can’t go it alone…

But, when you begin to help others, they, in turn, will help you. With help and support, ANYTHING is possible!

So what’s that have to do with a lifestyle brand?

If you’re going to live this life, we suggest you live a lifestyle that is inspirational, fulfilling, and mind-blowingly awesome.

Push past what your mind says you can’t do. Push past the fear that holds you back. Push past the limits society, or you put on yourself and become Monolithic.

Don’t let anything move you off the path of your goals.

…and do it while wearing fitness apparel that is strong, comfortable, American made, and filled with passion for not only quality but for seeing what you can become.

We mean that truly.

As we’ve been building this apparel company, we’ve come across so many amazing people.

Made so many uplifting friends.

And pushed ourselves farther than we thought was possible.

When we say that we want you to succeed, we mean it.

And we want our, and your, Think Massive mantra to be the reminder that you can do anything you set your mind, intentions, and actions too.

Let’s build a lifestyle together.

So as we continue to grow, evolve and change, this lifestyle brand we’ve created, we want you to do the same in your own life!

We’re always trying to do things better, and so should you.